About Us

Philip’s Moncure:
Investor and CEO of 911 Hemp Tokes

Philip Moncure is a successful businessman who owns companies involved in the construction industry. Philip has over 60 years of experience in business. He takes pride in high quality work for reasonable prices. His companies are locally owned!

Paul Harris:
Farm Owner

My family has always taken pride in their farming capabilities and successes over the many years we have been in the industry.

Fifth generation farmer who learned how to farm through hard work and long hours. My days started by waking up at the peak of dawn in the dark and returning home at the dark of night. This was not an easy task but it was a lifestyle that I was proud to lead.

My grandfather started farming tobacco in the early 1900s and taught my father how to run the farm. Growing up I always knew that I wanted to carry on my family’s legacy. I grew up farming tobacco, soy beans, corn, and cotton.

This gave me the skill level to be able to diversify my business later in life. While I was figuring out how to expand my knowledge and my business, I opened a trucking business with my brother.

We owned twelve trucks hauling logs in 1984. This business venture opened my eyes to the vast capabilities I had in the farming industry. As technology advanced and the demand for hemp increased, I realized that organic farming was a necessity to keep my family’s legacy alive.

In 2014 I converted my 200 acre farm into a strictly organic tobacco farm. The hemp portion of my farming came into play in 2015. I have farms across North Carolina and Virginia.

My oldest son is already working the farm and earned a degree from NC State for business in agriculture. Keeping my farm profitable and successful is a key component and driving factor which is why I steadily adapt with the times.

The Farm is Ran by the Harris Family

Aaron Sizemore

Hydroponics Genius

Jessica Hernandez


Amanda Whitby


Taylor Harris

Quality Control ( Paul’s Successor)

The 911 Hemp Tokes Farm